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Sustainable Rhine Valley without bounds: Network Binding Foundation Schaan/FL

Jul 08, 2010 / Andreas Götz
The Alpine Rhine Valley is eager to become a pilot region for climate protection. And CIPRA is to assist along the way. An initial assessment of the efforts made is to be drawn up in November 2010.
Sustainable Rhine Valley without bounds
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Sustainable Rhine Valley without bounds
The history of the project dates back to 2005 and an invitation by the Binding Foundation in Schaan/FL to attend a symposium in Liechtenstein. Its title: “Prospects for a reasonable relationship between nature and society”. A big issue, and a select group of participants. They included the Patriarch of Constantinople, a Brazilian bishop, university professors, an orangutan conservationist working in Indonesia, the owner of the world’s most successful mail order company, and CIPRA. What they all had in common was that in previous years they had received the “Grand Binding Award for Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection”. The Award honours outstanding achievements in preserving natural living environments. The prize money is CHF 50,000 – around EUR 35,000.
The symposium in Liechtenstein was a success. The environmentally minded thinkers gathered at the event formulated a mission statement designed to add new momentum to sustainability, “out of ethical and existential necessity”. It stated that the region had to be consolidated as an identity-shaping focus of orientation and activity and strengthen people’s emotional ties with nature and environment.
Together with the Alliance in the Alps network of municipalities (see page 9), CIPRA was commissioned to draw up a strategy to help the Alpine Rhine Valley – with its many campaigns and activities spread across three states – become a “model region for sustainability”. The budget is CHF 35,000. Meanwhile the “Rheintalische Grenzgemeinschaft”, an association of municipalities from the tri-border area of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, has also come on board. Over the past five years, workshops and other events have been held to sound out the needs of the communities and other stakeholders as well as their commitment, to gather project ideas and much more besides, always in accordance with the mission statement of sustainability. Around 50 political and business representatives met in Gamprin/FL in August 2009 to draw up a list of concrete activities. The first of those projects is to be implemented in 2010. (de/fr/it/sl) (de)
Source: Annual Report 2009 CIPRA International
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