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News from TransEcoNet - transnational ecological networks in Central Europe

Jun 29, 2010
Similar as ECONNECT, the Platform Ecological Network and the Ecological Continuum Initiative in the Alps, in Central Europe the TransEcoNet project strives for a better connection of protected and less or unprotected landscapes across national borders. One major goal of the project is to reveal local people's perception and relation to their surrounding landscape in form of a survey of oral history. This is being carried out in the form of interviews in selected project regions.
How have rural landscapes developed from the 18th century until today in Central Europe? This is one of the main research questions of TransEcoNet. To encourage the transnational exchange of experiences in landscape history, a scientific workshop has been organised on 22 April 2010 in Sopron, Hungary. The presentations given highlighted that the history of a landscape provides valuable insights for recent spatial planning processes which design our future natural and socio-economic environment.
More information on these and other current activities within TransEcoNet is given in its recently published newsletter on (project news).