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Energy-efficient Alpine communities and Alpine towns

Mar 16, 2010 / alpMedia
At the end of February the Vorarlberg communities of Langenegg, Mäder and Zwischenwasser received the European Energy Award® (eea) - Gold. These communities spearhead the international award for energy-efficient communities, which evaluates some 600 towns and communities across Europe.
Fifty - the car hire scheme from Langenegg/A: car-sharing as a way of protecting the climate in the long term.
Image caption:
Fifty - the car hire scheme from Langenegg/A: car-sharing as a way of protecting the climate in the long term. © CIPRA International
Other Alpine communities to receive the European Energy Award® - Gold include the communities of Virgen/A, Wolfurt/A, Lucerne/CH and St. Johann im Pongau/A. A total of 28 communities have been awarded "Gold", the highest category. These pioneering communities stand out by virtue of their commitment to and innovative measures for energy efficiency and climate protection.
The European Energy Award® is presented to communities which overall implement 50% of an extensive catalogue of measures in the area of energy and climate protection. Just under 600 towns and communities from across Europe take part in the European Energy Award®. Around 150 German communities and over 300 communities from Switzerland participate. In France, eight communities and local authority associations - such as Grenoble Alpes Métropole - are included in the ranking. In Italy, the number of participating communities rose to over 30 in the past year. Slovenia is not as yet represented at the eea.
The European Energy Award® is the quality management system and certification process used for reviewing, rating, planning, steering and regularly auditing the climate protection activities of communities in order to identify and tap into the potential for sustainable climate protection. Climate objectives are to be achieved in the long term and continually improved. Ultimately, the energy and climate work carried out by a community is rewarded publicly if its energy policy concept has had demonstrable success.
Source and additional information: (de), (en). Videos of the European Energy Award in France, Germany and Austria can be found at: (de/fr/en).
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