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ECONNECT Project – Working full speed for implementing ecological networks

Feb 08, 2010
The ECONNECT project has completed half time of its project life. In the pilot regions the teams are highly committed with preparing the implementation of ecological networks on the ground.
The working area has been delimitated for each of the seven regions, the important stakeholders have been informed, the species and habitats that should be specially fostered in each region have been selected and all pilot regions have agreed on a common methodology for reaching the joint aim of an Alps wide ecological network. In the coming months, each pilot region will work out its specific objectives and a plan on how to implement concrete connectivity measures.
On the Alps wide level, corridors and barriers are being modelled and visualised. The modelling methods have been selected and will serve to show habitats and corridors for the eight selected target species on Alps-wide level.
With regard to legal instruments, the situation has been analysed in detail for each Alpine country. A comparison of these instruments between the different countries is now under way and the preliminary results will be discussed in the frame of an expert workshop in Grenoble in Spring 2010. The final results of the legal analyses will be presented in a conference in Autumn.
The successful approach ECONNECT is using has been confirmed by a new project idea that has just been developed in the Swiss/Italian border area. The partners aim at further contributing to the implementation of the Alps wide strategy on local level with additional connectivity measures. Other ideas on how to carry on the implementation of the Alps wide ecological continuum will be discussed in the coming months in the frame of the think tank initiated by the Continuum Initiative.