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Abondance Ski Area reopened

Sep 10, 2009 / alpMedia
In the last few years, lack of snow was a major problem for the ski area in Abondance/F, which is located at 1500 m above sea-level. Because of poor snow conditions, the lifts did not open at all in the last two winter seasons.
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Now the AAI group of US investors is about to re-open the installations. 40,000 cubic metres of water will be made available for snow guns in order to ensure adequate snow cover.
As for CIPRA France, the local authority would have been better advised to close the ski area, in spite of the difficulty of taking such a decision. That would have made it possible to lay the foundation for redevelopment towards a sustainable future for the region.
Instead, the Americans' "love at first sight" for Abondance will lead to expansion of the ski area and the provision of additional hotel capacities. CIPRA France remains sceptical of a policy that insists on maintaining winter sports facilities at such low altitudes and is based on a model for development whose limits have already been demonstrated.
Source and further information: CIPRA France, (fr)