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cc.alps concentrates on raising awareness during the second half of 2009!

Aug 03, 2009 / cc.alps
The Swiss MAVA Foundation for Nature is making further funding available to the CIPRA cc.alps Project in the second half of 2009.
The focus will be on presenting and communicating the results from the research phase. One particularly important aspect will be the publication of a series of brochures (compacts) on individual themes to add to CIPRA's range of theme-based dossiers. Another important aspect will be the communication of the findings by means of articles in relevant publications and participation at external events: in early summer the project was presented at various conferences in Ljubljana/SL, Eastbourne/GB, Vienna/A, Klagenfurt/A, Berlin/D, Bruck/Leitha/A and Grenoble/F. Further national and international appearances are planned for this autumn. The climate change summit in Copenhagen in December of this year will also be an important opportunity to put across CIPRA's concerns about climate change and sustainable climate measures: the Alps should and can become climate neutral! There are enough excellent examples from various regions of the Alps to show us: where there's a will, there's a way.