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A European League for renewable energies

Teyssières/F promotes solar energy.

Teyssières/F promotes solar energy. ©

The RES Champions League is a network of national renewable energy leagues and also a competition for renewable energies between European cities, towns and villages, which was launched on 23 April 2009 at the annual meeting of Énergie-Cités and the Climate Alliance.
Eight organisations from six countries co-operate as part of the RES Champions League Project. The network has a number of objectives, including the transfer of innovative approaches, speeding up technologies and strategies among municipal stakeholders, and generating and boosting local dynamics for the sustainable use of energy. Points are awarded for solar energy (photovoltaic and solar thermal) and wood energy for heat generation, based on the installed power or surface area per inhabitant. Participation is free.
1,756 towns, cities and villages are currently listed in the Solar Ranking, including German and French towns in the Alps. For instance: the French municipality of Teyssières, where one enthusiastic village resident has triggered off a veritable avalanche of renewable energy.
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