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Latest update on ecological networks in the Alpine region

Mar 12, 2009 / alpMedia
CIPRA has just expanded and updated its online dossier on "Relevant Instruments Relating to Ecological Networks in the Alpine Region".
Ökologisches Kontinuum
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Creating an ecological network can help to bridge the barriers caused by unchecked urban development. © Frank Schultze / Zeitenspiegel
The website provides a background report in German, French, Italian, Slovene and English as well as language-related references to more detailed news, publications, links and now also to topical events on the subject. The background report on the dossier provides summary information on key instruments such as conventions, legislation, regulations and programmes relating to ecological networks at national and global level. Particular attention has been paid to updating the information from the Alpine region. The Report also explains why ecological networks are important and how they work. Examples of international, alpine-wide, national and regional projects illustrate what different stakeholders are doing to improve the network situation.
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