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Switzerland says No to "gigaliners"

Jan 15, 2009 / alpMedia
Environmental associations have launched a campaign against the introduction of "gigaliners" on Switzerland's roads. The country's Bundesrat [Federal Council] has already clearly rejected the "monster trucks".
Image caption:
Für Brücken sind Gigaliner eine grosse Belastung. © PIXELIO / Rainer Sturm
For major hauliers, gigaliners, i.e. HGVs with a vehicle length of up to 25 m and a total weight of up to 60 tonnes, are considered profitable with regard to transport logistics; however, they are hardly compatible with a sustainable transport policy. Throughout Europe more than 120 associations from 20 countries are now taking part in a coalition against the introduction of the 60 tonners.
In Scandinavian countries, however, gigaliners have been the standard in domestic haulage for a number of years now. Trials have also been made in the Netherlands and in Germany. The EU Commission has commissioned a study to examine the impact of gigaliners in transnational traffic and provide a basis for a decision regarding the EU-wide approval of the 60 tonne vehicles.
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