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EU measures on climate change

Sep 11, 2008 / alpMedia
When the time comes for the new European Commission to take office in 2009, it is possible that the EU will appoint a Commissioner for Climate Change, according to the environmental news service ENDS Europe Daily.
So far, the field of climate change has been covered by several commissioners. Ultimately it is the President of the EU Commission who decides on the allocation of responsibilities within the Commission. Those who want to play an active role now already can participate in the EU Internet consultation "Towards a comprehensive and ambitious post-2012 climate change agreement". The on-line hearing gives individuals and organisations an opportunity to state their views on various items of the Bali Road Map. It is hoped that this public consultation exercise with stakeholders and the general public will lead to a sustainable global climate protection agreement for the period after 2012. Source and on-line consultation: (de/en), (de/fr/en)