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Knowledge transfer - new pillar of regional development?

Jul 31, 2008 / alpMedia
The latest issue of the bilingual (fr/en) Revue de Géographie Alpine (RGA) deals with the subject of knowledge management and knowledge transfer in the regional context.
The three key elements in knowledge work are the human being, organisation and technology. Whereas the technology-based approach was predominant in the 1990s, today's focus is on the human being; "High touch, not high tech" is now the motto.
This issue of RGA presents various models. Albert Simard describes knowledge transfer as a market- and service-oriented value-added chain. Roland Scherer and Klaus-Dieter Schnell address the special role played by knowledge transfer in Swiss regional policy. Wolfgang Pfefferkorn and Serena Rauzi summarise the positive results of CIPRA's knowledge transfer project "Future in the Alps". The practical transnational and translingual knowledge transfer work done in the framework of the project is so far unique in and beyond the borders of the Alps. In the last article, Karolina Begusch-Pfefferkorn discusses the knowledge balance of the Austrian research focus on the Cultural Landscape to show how knowledge transfer work can be evaluated.
Bibliography: Revue de Géographie Alpine/Journal of Alpine Research, vol. 96 no. 2, June 2008: Connaissances en mouvement: experiences et propositions / Knowledge transfer: experience and proposal. Grenoble. ISBN 978-2-200-92501-7. 120 pages.