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Switzerland's first village hotel


Blick durch den Eingangskorridor bis zum Ende des "Piz Tschütta". © Stiftung Fundaziun Vnà

The entire village of Vná in the Lower Engadine is to become a hotel as of May 1.
Hotel Piz Tschuetta

Fassade des renovierten Hotels "Piz Tschütta" in Vnà. © Stiftung Fundaziun Vnà

The community of 70 inhabitants is using this measure to try and counteract the exodus of its population. The hotel project revolves around the Piz Tschütta guesthouse and cultural centre, which has stood empty since 1995 and is to house the reception, restaurant, lounge area, library, shop and five rooms. During the renovation of the 300-year-old building particular attention was paid to combining the old with the new. The building's historical fabric was retained. The other ten rooms are located in private homes and holiday apartments scattered across the village. Their guests have access to the hotel's entire infrastructure.
A private-public-partnership model was drawn up for Vnà to turn the idea for the project into a reality. The Fundaziun Vná foundation set up for the project has set aside a budget of two million Swiss francs for its realisation. Just under half the funds are loans, with donations accounting for one quarter and the remaining quarter stemming from the share capital in the company Piz Tschütta AG, which is responsible for operations.
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