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EU funds for fifty harmful projects

Mar 13, 2008 / alpMedia
At the end of February Friends of the Earth Europe and CEE Bankwatch published a list of 50 environmentally damaging and economically dubious infrastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe, which are either financed or planned to be financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and EU regional development funds.
Image caption:
Despite existing alternatives the D8 motorway in the Czech Republic is to be built through the protected area in the Ceské Stredohorí mountains. © Miroslav Patrik
Financing is already planned for a majority of the projects, and nine have already been financed - with a possible investment volume of around EUR 22 billion.
One of the projects is the power plant block in Šoštanj, Slovenia. There the EIB granted a loan for the construction of a new lignite-fired power plant. Lignite is one of the least efficient and most polluting energy sources, and CO2 emissions are set to increase significantly as a result of the power plant. The other questionable projects include waste incineration plants promoted at the expense of recycling, and motorways to be routed through natural areas or residential zones. Also to be financed are river engineering and other water management projects which are more likely to destroy than protect the wetland areas and their biodiversity. A list of the projects has been published at (en).
Source: (en)