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Snow levels depend on more than just altitude

Nov 22, 2007 / alpMedia
New results by the Austrian research project STRATEGE show that snow levels do not necessarily depend on altitude. In precipitation scenarios relating to climate change, researchers found that other factors such as the micro climate, relief and exposure of the locations concerned also had to be considered.
Accordingly, low-lying winter resorts do not necessarily have to suffer from lack of snow if localised conditions are favourable. The factors mentioned are also of significance for artificial snow installations. For instance in the region surveyed, i.e. Schladming/A, conditions for artificial snowfall are considerably better than at sunnier altitudes in spite of - or rather because of - the low-lying location in the narrow valley area.
The study also notes that the cable-car industry must adapt to changes in conditions. It goes on to add that some locations would have more time to prepare for the new form of tourism as a result of these localised advantages.
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