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Interreg III B projects MONITRAF and ALPNAP

Oct 25, 2007 / alpMedia
Transport across the Alps is at the centre of the Final Conference of the Interreg III B projects MONITRAF and ALPNAP, which have been running since 2005. The Conference is entitled "Transport across the Alps. Approaches and common measures for sustainable transport development in the Alpine region".
While the ALPNAP project consists of a network of experts investigating air quality, noise, climate and health, the MONITRAF project is dedicated to putting the results of the research into practice. Seven regional partners in the Alpine region have drawn up practical operative approaches aimed at improving the transport situation and living conditions along transit routes.The Conference is to discuss proposals for reducing the traffic-related impact and agree on a package of measures. It is being held in Innsbruck/A from 23 to 25 January 2008, and the conference languages are German, Italian, French (simultaneous interpreting) and English.
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