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Tackling climate change with bare facts

Aug 30, 2007 / alpMedia
Switzerland's Aletsch Glacier was recently the scene of an unusual protest action. Around 600 people gathered on the Alps's largest glacier to draw attention to the impact of climate change - by stripping off completely. The participants, who had travelled from all over Europe, were positioned on the Glacier in a variety of ways by photographers and five camera crews, and photographed from all sorts of angles.
Image caption:
600 volunteers faced the bare facts on the Aletsch Glacier on behalf of climate protection. © Greenpeace/Wuertenberg
The action, which was initiated by US photographer Spencer Tunick and the environmental protection agency Greenpeace, sought to establish a symbolic link between the vulnerability of the human body and that of the rapidly receding glaciers. According to the environmentalists the impact of the climate change brought on by humankind demands prompt and courageous decisions. The Aletsch Glacier, which is some 23 km long, lost around 115 metres of its total length between 2005 and 2006 alone. Forecasts indicate that most glaciers will have disappeared by 2080 unless radical measures to combat climate change are adopted swiftly and decisively.
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