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Acqua alta alpina - Conference and trade fair on climate change

Aug 02, 2007
The organisers of acqua alta alpine invite politicians, experts and interested laymen and women to a conference in Salzburg/A from 24 to 30 October which focuses on climate change and its impact on the Alpine region.
acqua alta alpina
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acqua alta alpina - The conference and trade fair are inviting participants to address climate change issues ©
The event's primary objective is to intensify the dialogue between different experts and representatives from the world of business, politics and science. The programme includes numerous presentations and discussions by international experts. Eight main topics relating to the Alpine region are to be addressed at the conference: Hazard Perception and the Impact of Climate Change; Prevention and Precaution; Natural Hazards; Communication and Tourism; Conservation Measures in Community Practice; Risk and Disaster Management; and International Projects. Registration for the conference also entitles participants to visit the trade fair and take part in several workshops.
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