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CIPRA submits Memorandum on Future in the Alps

Mar 29, 2007 / alpMedia
In a Memorandum, CIPRA, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, formulates political demands for the future development of the Alpine region as a whole. The demands are the result of the Future in the Alps Project.
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"Getting Knowledge Across - Networking People" is the motto of Future in the Alps © CIPRA International
The future belongs to those who help to shape it. And in the Alps countless initiatives involving thousands of activists are aiming to do just that. Yet many are unaware of the fact that elsewhere other people are working on precisely the same problems as they are. This is exactly where CIPRA's Future in the Alps Project comes into play, collating practical experience gained throughout the Alps, classifying it and making it available to those who need it.
To compile a set of political demands and conclusions derived from the knowledge gathered as part of the Future in the Alps Project, CIPRA representatives from seven nations convened in Schaan/FL on 8 and 9 December 2006 and formulated the Schaan Memorandum on the Future in the Alps. The Future in the Alps Project was able to show for instance that social and economic prosperity does not depend solely on how accessible a region is, and as a consequence CIPRA is calling for the promotion of models of economic success that do not require hard development measures and to push ahead with research into the factors that make such models a success. Elsewhere Future in the Alps also revealed that tourists in general are more confused than ever by the proliferation of different categories of protected areas. CIPRA is therefore calling for a high-quality development programme for protected areas, binding quality criteria throughout the Alps, and a renouncement of dubious practices of pseudo-policies that merely juggle with terminology.
The know-how gained as part of Future in the Alps provides a comprehensive overview of the plans, policies and instruments, and projects in place in the Alps. All the key findings have been summarised for the current issue of CIPRA Info entitled "Getting Knowledge Across - Networking People", for easier access by anyone interested in the subject. Information on Future in the Alps can also be found at, where CIPRA Info can be ordered free of charge and the Schaan Memorandum can be downloaded.
Source: CIPRA International