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Alpine transit under EU observation

Mar 29, 2007 / alpMedia
The new EU observatory for traffic in the Alpine region became operational in mid-March. It has been set up to monitor road, rail and combined traffic in the Alpine region.
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Transit traffic is a problem for many regions of the Alps. ©
The observatory was established under the inland transport agreement between the EU and Switzerland.
It will centralise statistics from surveys and studies carried out in the various Alpine countries. Its reports will provide an overview of all traffic flows and of the trend in trans-Alpine rail and road freight traffic. The EU and Switzerland will thus have at their disposal the information needed in the event of transit problems or disturbances affecting trans-Alpine traffic in order to be able to decide on appropriate measures. The results of the observatory's work will also serve as a basis for any initiative aimed at improving and harmonising the management of traffic through the Alps. The observatory's first report is expected in June 2007. Source: (de/fr/it/en)
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