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Will the Mont Blanc finally become part of UNESCO's Natural Heritage?

Feb 01, 2007 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
The international Pro Mont Blanc association, which has been campaigning actively since 1991 for the protection of the Mont Blanc, would like to see the mountain massif finally included on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Landschaft mit Mont Blanc
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Forschungsplatz Mont Blanc: Immer noch nicht international geschützt ©
Unlike other mountain ranges the Mont Blanc still does not enjoy any internationally recognised protection status. Negotiations have already been conducted in conjunction with international experts, UNESCO and the IUCN, so far to no avail. That is why Pro Mont Blanc has now launched an information campaign. A meeting of Pro Mont Blanc representatives was also held recently at which the Italian Environment Minister declared he was willing to support the initiative.
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