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Trends in the mountain regions of Switzerland - the view of the locals on DVD

Cover DVD "Oberwalliser Lebenswelten"
Two new ethnographic films have been released as part of the Swiss National Fund Programme on "Landscapes and Habitats in the Alps".
Today the lifestyle of people living in the Upper Valais is hardly any different from that of people living around Berne or Zurich. In interviews in the film Im Lauf der Zeiten [In the Course of Time] older inhabitants of the Upper Valais talk about their experiences and memories, and how they view the changes in society of the past few decades. Like many other mountain villages, Hinterrhein, a hamlet of 80 inhabitants some 1600 metres above sea level in the Grisons Canton, is struggling against its population exodus and the chill wind that now blows in the lives of mountain farmers. The film Hinterrhein retraces developments in the mountain village and lets the locals put across their view of things.
Bibliographies: Risi, M. (2006): Im Lauf der Zeiten: Oberwalliser Lebenswelten. DVD, 65 mins, in dialect with German, French and English subtitles, CHF 29.80. ISBN 978-3-03919-028-7
Röösli, L. (2005): Hinterrhein: Umbruch im Bergdorf. DVD, 82 mins, in dialect with German, French, Italian and English subtitles, CHF 29.80. ISBN 978-3-03919-002-7. For information and orders: (de)
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