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Conference proceedings on "Exploring the Nature of Management"

Sep 21, 2006 / alpMedia
The conference proceedings for the 3rd International Conference on the Monitoring and Management of Visitors Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas have just been published.
BesucherInnen im Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald.
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In many places visitor flows in protected areas are on the increase. ©
The Conference held in Rapperswil/CH looked at the challenges faced by these areas in coping with ever increasing visitor numbers. More than 130 speakers from over thirty countries reported on the wide array of results from worldwide research and their experiences with practical implementation. The transfer of findings from different countries is an important objective.
The extensive conference proceedings, which are published in English, include the papers as well as poster presentations. The contributions are grouped into four main issues: The impact of tourism on recreational and protected areas; the landscape and nature images that provide the basis for the use and management of protected areas; the requirements for regional development and nature tourism in protected areas; and the role of research in the management of protected areas.
Bibliography: Siegrist, D. et al (publisher), 2006: Exploring the Nature of Management. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational Areas. Rapperswil. 523 pages. ISBN 3-033-00935-2.
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