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Future research and transnational cooperation in the Alps

Jul 13, 2006
The June issue of the Journal of alpine research bears the title "Future research and transnational cooperation in the Alps". Four contributions in two languages (French and English) are devoted to this theme.
A first article represents the framework for future-oriented debates about the role of the Alps in a growing Europe. The Author analyses the question, if and how is it possible to achieve a sustainable development in the Alpine area in the face of the global economic and political changes, which takes into consideration the peculiarities which are specific of the Alps. Attention is particularly drawn to the role of the Alpine Convention and the interests of different players for collaboration. Finally the Author supports a systematic coming together of strengths of the different decision-making bodies and levels.
Another article is the result of a study about land planning policies in the Alpine area. In consideration of the end of the Interreg III-Programme in 2006, on the basis of the results, 70 actual land policy guidelines a series of concrete proposals for improvement for the new programme period 2007-2013.
Literature: La revue de géographie alpine/Journal of alpine research, Vol. 94, N. 2, June 2006, Prospectives et coopération transnationale dans les Alpes/Prospectives and transnational cooperation in the Alps. Grenoble, ISSN 0035-1121, 120 pages.