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Mountain Convention: Cohesion towards growth

Jun 01, 2006 / alpMedia
The fifth European Mountain Convention will take place on 14 and 15 September in Chaves in Portugal. It is organised by Euromontana, the European Association of Mountain Territories and its slogan is "Cohesion for growth - mountains as natural ingredients for Europe's competitiveness ".
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Is there in mountain areas a common vision of the future? ©
The delegates will work on a common vision for European Mountain Areas for the year 2020. They will first analyse the existing challenges of mountain areas. Are they the same in different regions (EU-15, new EU-member states, Balkans etc.) but at different stages with different marks/features? What is the influence of WTO-negotiations, climate changes, the EU enlargement etc. on mountain areas? Working groups will deal with a wide variety of issues, from renewable energies to new and innovative IT technologies. During the plenary meeting, current domestic and European policies will be debated and regional development programmes evaluated. The conference languages are Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish.
Info and applications: (fr/en/es)