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Perception of the Alps in European cultural history

Mar 09, 2006 / alpMedia
As a research report the book Die Alpen! Les Alpes! published by Jon Mathieu and Simona Boscani Leoni looks at the way in which the Alps have been perceived in European cultural history since the Renaissance. The research project comprises a Swiss and an international section and proceeds from the assumption that the Alpine discourse differs more from one country to the next than was previously thought.
How did the mountain population deal with the various types of discourse brought to them from the towns and cities? Did they acquire identities that repressed or emphasised their specifically Alpine nature? The contributions in German, French and Italian (with abstracts also in English) try to provide answers to these and similar questions.
Bibliography: Mathieu, J.; Boscani Leoni, S. (publishers) (2005): Die Alpen! Les Alpes! - Zur europäischen Wahrnehmungsgeschichte seit der Renaissance; Peter Lang AG, Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berne; ISBN 3-03910-774-7; 451 pages; to order: (de/fr/en)