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New publication on regional development and landscape change in the Alps

Feb 09, 2006 / alpMedia
The publication "Regional Development and Cultural Landscape Change in the Alps" features results from the completed REGALP research project, which was funded by the European Commission under the 5th Framework Programme.
The overall aim of REGALP is to investigate the interrelation between regional development and cultural landscape change and to examine the requirements for change of existing policy instruments to meet future challenges.
The recommendations based on the research findings focus on an improved regional adaptation of policy instruments, on greater orientation according to future trends, greater horizontal and vertical co-operation between the local authorities and the private sector, and a greater opinion-shaping effort on landscape issues. The publication in English contains abstracts in German, French, Italian and Slovenian.
Bibliography and information: Pfefferkorn, W., Egli, H.-R., Massarutto, A. (publishers) (2005): Regional Development and Cultural Landscape Change in the Alps. The Challenge of Polarisation. ISBN 3-906151-84-0; (de/fr/it/sl/en)