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Carpathian Convention now in force

Jan 12, 2006 / alpMedia
(12.01.2006) The Carpathian Convention came into force on 4 January following the ratification by the fourth signatory state, Hungary. While the Convention has already been ratified by the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro have yet to do so. The first conference of the contracting parties is to be held in June, and decisions are expected regarding the Convention's work programme.
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Die Karpaten beherbergen rund 200 Pflanzenarten, welche sonst nirgends wachsen. © Derkovà M.
The Carpathian Convention was drawn up in co-operation with and modelled on the Alpine Convention, with a number of alpine countries providing support. The Convention's Interim Secretariat is currently located in Vienna/A and is co-ordinated by UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme. The Carpathian Convention aims to combine the economic requirements of the region's population with the protection of the environment. Today the Carpathians is home to around 18 million people.
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