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International Master of Landscape Architecture

Jan 12, 2006 / alpMedia
(12.01.2006) The Master of Landscape Architecture (IMLA) at the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil/CH is to be expanded in 2006, and will now also be available jointly at the Universities of Nürtingen-Geislingen/D and Weihenstephan/D.
The Masters programme focuses on the acquisition of skills aimed at investigating unfamiliar landscapes in the shortest possible time, questioning the concepts involved, and arriving at creative and innovative solutions.
Given the geographic location of the three universities the focus is on project work in Europe and the Alpine range in particular. So far these projects (under the motto of the Urbanisation of the Alps for instance) have taken students to France and the Rhine valley, to the area of the border triangle between Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, to address issues involving the alpine reaches of the Rhine and aspects of local recreation areas. The next course of studies is due to begin in March, with lectures provided in German and English.
Information and registration: (de/en), contact: [email protected]