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Alpine Protected Areas - from co-operation to ecological network

Aug 25, 2005 / alpMedia
The Alpine Network of Protected Areas is celebrating its 10th anniversary as part of the international conference on "Alpine Protected Areas: Between History, Development and Challenges".
Experts on protected areas from throughout the Alpine region are due to convene at Chambéry/F from 13 to 15 October. Besides three main themes with lectures and discussions the Conference will also organise excursions and a public event highlighting the Alps as well as the Carpathians and the Pyrenees.
All three themes focus on the future development and role of Alpine protected areas and the Network itself. Part 1 looks at "Alpine protected areas: from foundation to new challenges". The key issue of Part 2, i.e. "What role should protected areas play in the new territorial policy?", addresses such aspects as research, architecture, renewable energies and mobility. Part 3 finally is entitled: "From co-operation between protected areas to an ecological network." The deadline for registration is 15 September; the conference languages are French, Italian, Germany, Slovene and English. Information and registration: (de/fr/it/sl/en)