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Exchange of know-how on hydrogeological disruptions

Jul 14, 2005 / alpMedia
The CATCHRISK project (mitigation of hydro-geological risk in alpine catchments) is in its end phase.
The main objectives of the INTERREG IIIB project were to draw up a knowledge base and methods for the improved management of landscape and nature to prevent or mitigate natural catastrophes. The partners (I, CH, D, A) exchanged their views on methodology, GIS data systems and tools, and experience in test areas.
CATCHRISK's main findings are the development of three informative systems for determining risk scenarios in Alpine regions, the development of analysis methods for evaluating the triggering mechanisms of landslides and rock falls, and the application of morphological and numerical models for simulating boulder movements. The methodology developed has already been applied in test areas. General criteria for gathering and organising the information were also determined. A comprehensive final report can be downloaded from the project homepage.
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