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South Tyrol: energy-efficient house construction now mandatory

Jan 13, 2005 / alpMedia
On 12 January a new regulation on climate-friendly house construction took effect in South Tyrol. According to the provisions of this Climate House Ordinance, the Provincial Office for Air and Noise must issue a climate pass for all new housing in South Tyrol showing the buildings' energy classification and thermal heat requirements.
That gives prospective house buyers a clear picture with regard to expected energy consumption.
The new ordinance also includes strict provisions for energy savings. Planning permission for new buildings will only be given where the annual heat requirement corresponds to that of a Category C climate house, i.e. less than seven litres of heating oil per square metre of living space per year. The current average for residential properties in South Tyrol is 21 litres per square metre. In view of the progress made in the field of thermal insulation and the availability of efficient and environment-friendly energy systems, however, implementation of the seven-litre rule is no problem today.
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