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More protection against GMO crossover

Oct 08, 2004 / alpMedia
The Environment Ministers of Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany have called for genetically modified plants to be regulated by cross-border legislation. At the traditional annual meeting held in Potsdam on 16 September the four Ministers discussed not only ecological and transport policy issues but also how to deal with gene technology in agriculture.
Although genetically modified plants are not yet cultivated in the Alpine Region, the four alpine states are eager to adopt joint regulations to protect conventional, gene technology-free, ecological agriculture. Core issues include the potential impact of pollen loading from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on fields, and also clarifying liability issues. Germany's Bundestag has already passed new gene technology legislation, which now has to go through the conciliation committee before it comes into force. The legislation stipulates among others the observance of safety margins and the registration of GMOs in a site register accessible to the public. The GMO neighbour would then be liable if conventionally and/or biologically cultivated fields were to be contaminated.
Sources and information: (de) 17.09.2004, (de)
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