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Hydrogen-powered piste vehicles in the Alps

A hydrogen-powered piste vehicle

A hydrogen-powered piste vehicle ©

The Swiss association Swiss Alps 3000 has launched a new campaign aimed at zero-emissions mobility in the Alps. As part of the campaign it presented the prototype of a hydrogen-powered piste vehicle. The first vehicle of this type was tested during winter 2003/2004.
The campaign is targeting conventional diesel-powered piste vehicles, which produce huge amounts of pollutants in mountain regions: More than 1,000 piste vehicles are in operation in the Swiss Alps every season, burning some 10 million litres of diesel and churning out more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 and around 25,000 kg of the highly toxic soot particulate PM10.
The association itself was founded in February 2003 as part of the UN's Year of the Water. Together with tourism institutions and communities in the Bernese Oberland Swiss Alps wants to promote emission-free mobility in the alpine region by introducing hydrogen as a source fuel. The hydrogen is to be produced using renewable energies such as hydraulic power, wind or solar energy.
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