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World's first institute for holiday, travel and altitude medicine

Apr 22, 2004 / alpMedia
"Our aim with the founding of the Institute for Holiday, Travel and Altitude Medicine at the Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology is to demonstrate and substantiate by medical and scientific means the favourable health effect of a high-altitude holiday. We also intend to establish a form of certification for tourist regions and tourist enterprises," explained Tyrol's Provincial Governor Herwig van Staa at the official presentation of the new Institute in Innsbruck/A.
The new Institute also intends to highlight at the international level the health effects of prolonged stays in alpine regions.
Concrete programmes include an Interreg project on the subject of medicinal herbs in Tyrol and studies of allergy sufferers (the allergy burden caused by pollen, mould and dust mites diminishes significantly at altitudes of 1500 m and above). With its newly coined quality concept "Welltain" (a combination of "wellness" and "mountain") the Institute aims to provide guests and holidaymakers with scientific proof of the health aspects of high-altitude holidays.
Sources and information: Land Tirol 14.04.2004 (de), (de/en)