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Projects to protect bearded vultures and golden eagles show positive results

Apr 08, 2004 / alpMedia
The species preservation projects "Golden Eagles in the Eastern Alps" and "Resettlement of Bearded Vultures in the Alps" were presented on 26 March as part of the 16th National Park Weeks at the Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburg/A.
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Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) ©
Co-operation between sanctuary administrations in the participating regions is to be intensified with the "" project. Under the project golden eagle populations in five protected areas of the eastern Alps are to be co-ordinated and standardised. While golden eagle populations in the Alps are currently stable at around 1200 breeding pairs, the golden eagle is considered potentially endangered as man's impact can quickly result in a negative trend. Golden eagles make very widespread use of their habitat, which means that the long-term survival of the species can only be ensured through large protected areas and preservation strategies co-ordinated at the supra-national level.
Results so far for the species preservation project for the bearded vulture have also been essentially favourable. More than 100 fledglings have been released throughout the Alps since 1977.
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