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Lively mountain village

May 31, 2022
The village of Valendas in the Swiss canton of Graubünden shows how citizens can revive their village architecturally and culturally.
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(c) Verein Valendas Impuls

In Valendas, Switzerland, a group of citizens has revitalised public infrastructure and village life with innovative concepts for transport, land use and renovation. In 2007, they founded the foundation "Valendas Impuls" and raised money to renovate several buildings. A historic building on the village square was thus converted into a hotel and restaurant and is now a popular meeting place for the community and employers in the village. The project "Faszinatur" also makes it possible to experience the rich fauna and flora from the Rhine Gorge up to the alpine peaks with hiking trails, excursions and an exhibition. All these activities generate direct added value for the local economy. Most recently, the foundation also became involved in the construction of a residential building with seven flats, a stone sculpture workshop and a multi-purpose room. The recipe for success in the revitalisation process was the commitment of people from all generations who developed common ideas and implemented them with determination.

More information: (de), kanton-graubuenden-15480674.html (de), (de)

Fact sheet

What: Stop rural exodus, village revitalisation, public infrastructure, affordable housing

Who: "Valendas Impuls" Foundation

Where: Surselva, Switzerland

When: since 2007

Transferability: Associations can also initiate revitalisation processes in other mountain villages that are affected by emigration. Financing through a community foundation is also transferable. The legal framework conditions may vary.


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