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Climate-fit mountain regions

May 31, 2022
The "AdaPT Mont-Blanc" project uses a digital toolbox to show what measures are available for adapting to climate change at the spatial planning level.
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(c) Espace Mont-Blanc - Secrétariat général

The Spatial Planning Toolbox is an online platform that provides mountain communities with tools to adapt to the climate crisis. These are described in detail on information sheets with draft regulatory measures at transboundary and regional level: How do you renovate buildings in the most sustainable and energy-efficient way? What materials can be used to create water-permeable surfaces? How can infrastructures in the high mountains be preserved in the future? The "AdaPT Mont-Blanc" project provides local decision-makers, entrepreneurs and citizens with innovative solutions for the increasing risks to nature and people. The online platform provides a detailed collection of best practices, experiences, scenarios and measures. The processes are also illustrated by four pilot projects in the areas of urban planning, sustainable construction, ski resorts and mountaineering. Interested persons can inform, exchange and advise each other in the digital toolbox. The online platform is constantly being expanded.

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Fact sheet

What: Measures for local adaptation to climate change, spatial planning instruments

Who: Espace Mont-Blanc

Where: Savoie and Haute-Savoie/F, Aosta Valley/I and Canton Valais/CH

When: 2017-2021

Transferability: The various proposals for measures for local adaptation to climate change in the mountain area can be adopted by other regions. However, the legal framework conditions vary.


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