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CIPRA Projects

All the projects and activities of CIPRA International as well as of the national representatives can be found here in chronological order, from most current to oldest projects.
  • speciAlps Podcast

    From artificial intelligence to the last kilometre to carrying capacity limits and "nudging": the speciAlps podcast series and a webinar delve into the topic of visitor guidance for a broad audience.

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  • Ground:breaking

    Soils are among the most important resources we have. CIPRA's new Ground:breaking project shows why unsealing land benefits everyone and what is needed at political, legal and local level in the Alpine region to achieve this.

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  • Central Mountains

    The Central Mountains project strengthens the transfer of knowledge in and between the Alps and the Carpathians. Together with the project partners, CIPRA International Lab is working for the cross-border and sustainable development of mountain regions in Central Europe.

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  • StoneRich

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  • Alpine Compass: Youth for quality of life in the Alps

    How to improve the life quality of young people in the Alps? The project “Alpine Compass” empowers young people, raises awareness among decisionmakers and strengthen the transnational collaboration.

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  • Dialogues on wolves – strengthening shepherds’ networks in the Alps

    A project that promotes exchanges of knowledge across national and linguistic borders between shepherds in the Alpine region.

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  • Alpine Changemaker Network


    The «Alpine Changemaker Network» is an international team drawn from NGOs, academia, social innovation and regional development organisations. We wish to strengthen Alpine society and we envision the Alps as a thriving ecosystem, one that offers an appealing life both to ourselves and to future generations. We combine regionally developed knowledge, social innovation practices, scientific teaching and researching skills, project management skills and much more besides – and we want to collaborate, share and learn!

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  • Via Alpina Youth – walking the change

    The Via Alpina long-distance-trail has been connecting all of the Alpine countries for over 20 years now. The project “Via Alpina Youth – walking the change” spreads knowledge, ideas and opportunities on sustainable lifestyles, inclusion, environmental protection and climate change along the trail.

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  • Bon Appetit!

    From the field to the plate: In the "Bon Appetit!" project, young people dig into the earth, taste and process regional products and visit farms in their region. They experience how the food on their plate shapes the landscape around them.

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  • Alpine Climate Camps

    Recharge your batteries, experience glaciers, go by bike: The Alpine Climate Camps project combines mountain sports and climate protection while encouraging young climate activists.

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