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Social innovation

Mar 01, 2018
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Promoting sustainable development with creative ideas

The challenging situations that exist today in the Alps such as a population exodus, climate change mitigation, mobility, and the consumption of resources cannot be solved through technological progress alone; instead, they require social change too. In its core theme of ‘Social Innovation’, CIPRA is tackling these challenges from a societal point of view and the potential that lies within society. Personal initiatives, new collaborations, and a backpack full of ideas are needed in order to bring about change in social as well as economic practices. Taking centre stage is the vision of a strong society capable of carrying sustainable development in the Alps by pooling their resources.

Social innovations comprise new approaches, combinations and forms of social interaction in order to promote sustainable development, good governance and quality of life in the Alps. At the same time, social innovation is also a process for coming up with new ideas and enabling people to have a say in the fundamental choices made by society. One precondition is that any such choice must benefit society. The aim of CIPRA International is to use communication, political work and projects to promote social innovations and improve the outline conditions for their emergence and consolidation. It addresses social issues such as pluralism, the participation of young people, sustainable lifestyles and self-determination in various projects and activities.

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