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Toward Carbon Neutral Alps - Make Best Practice Minimum Standard

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Year of publication2013
Author(s)Bruno Abegg
Co-authorsWolfgang Pfefferkorn, Antonija Wieser, Carole Piton
Publisher(s)CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Place of publicationSchaan
Languagede, en, fr, it
Publication typeJournal, booklet
Climate change is one of the key challenges of the 21st century, especially for the Alps and other mountain regions. In the Alps, temperatures have increased almost twice as much as the global average over the last century. And they are set to rise even more, especially if the residents of the Alps themselves continue to consume around 10% more energy per capita than the European average.
Actually more and more Alpine municipalities, valleys and regions are oriented towards climate neutrality, the reduction of greenhouse gases, the better use of endogenous resources, the reduction of fossil fuel and the increase of renewable energy.
This guideline intends to give support to stakeholders and agents of change in order to learn from the best and not to re-invent the wheel over and over again. The focus is on cross-sectoral, integrative and participatory approaches. The guideline also considers possible negative impacts of carbon neutrality strategies: intelligent responses to climate change must not have negative effects on local and regional economy, nature and society.
Best practice of today have to become minimum standard in the near future if we want climate neutrality in the Alps be achieved within the next 40 years!
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Alpstar Guideline Alpstar Guideline