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Forest Policy 2020

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Year of publication2013
Author(s)Rolf Manser, Bruno Röösli, Daniel Landolt
Co-authorsMartin Büchel, Alfred Kammerhofer, Christian Küchli, Nicole Imesch, Arthur Sandri
Publisher(s)Bundesamt für Umwelt BAFU
Place of publicationBerne
Publication typeDiploma thesis
The Swiss Confederation’s Forest Policy 2020 formulates provisions for the optimal coordination of the ecological, economic and social demands on the forest. It ensures sustainable forest management and creates favourable conditions for an efficient and innovative forestry and wood industry. The Forest Policy 2020 defines a total of eleven policy objectives. These concern wood harvesting potential, climate change, protective forest, biodiversity, forest area, the economic efficiency of the forestry sector, forest soil (including drinking water and tree vitality), protection against harmful organisms, the forest-wildlife balance, the leisure and recreational use of forests, and education and research (including knowledge transfer).