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Glossary on ecological networks

Continuum Project
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Continuum Project
Year of publication2008
Author(s)Mateja Pirc
Place of publicationSchaan
Publication typeOther
The alpine arc spans eight countries and therefore consists of a variety of cultures and languages. Cross-border co-operation or i.e. the realization of multilingual events is sometimes difficult due to language barriers or misunderstandings. For this reason the Consortium of the Continuum Project prepared a glossary on the topic of ecological networks, which should function as a tool to facilitate communication throughout the Alps. Stakeholders, active involved people or translators could use it as a basis for their work when collaborating with foreign-language persons. The glossary includes relevant terms in English and their translations to the four main Alpine languages. A short explanation of the term in English should facilitate the understanding, but has in the most cases no scientific reference. The document is a work in progress and will be extended by time or if necessary. Other by the Consortium known glossaries, dictionaries or i.e. the LexALP Information System ( which meets the need for clear and coherent terminology in supranational communication and cooperation within the Alps, will be checked regularly. If you have any suggestions (mistakes, terms to be added etc) regarding the glossary you are welcome to send them to [email protected].
Type Title
Glossary on ecological networks Glossary on ecological networks