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2010 International report on mountain tourism

mountain tourism
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mountain tourism
Year of publication2010
Author(s)Laurent Vanat
Place of publicationGenève
Pricefor free
Publication typeOther
In this new issue of “International report on mountain tourism”, it has been possible to add new destinations and extend the world coverage. The option has been taken to update and complete the original document, in order to have a full and comprehensive reliable reference, rather to limit to the publications of updates. In fact, this publication aims at becoming the reference in the industry. Although some countries represent relatively small markets compared to the alpine regions, they are not as well known. Therefore, for these countries, the report enters into a more detailed level as it does for the most familiar ones. The 2010 edition of this report has been supported by the International Tourism Symposium Foundation,
which mandated the author to lead the development of this work and extend the coverage of the first study, which he presented shortly after the 2009 Symposium, under the title of “2009 International report on mountain tourism”. In order to ensure a further development of this work, it is called for further data contributions from national associations and all other national entities and organisations involved in the industry.
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