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Alps Know How

Cover CD
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Year of publication2008
Publisher(s)CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Publication typeCD Rom
The CD-Rom provids a wide overview of key issues affecting the Alps.
The CD comprises extensive teaching materials: English-language tutorials on key issues such as regional value added, governance capacity, mobility management, new forms of decision making, protected areas, etc., have been complemented with other background topics such as mountain farming, mountain forestry, tourism, energy, climate, etc. Extensive further reading material is available in PDF form in various languages. The contents were compiled and edited by an international team of experts.
The CD is to be used at universities, colleges and in further education courses on sustainable development in the Alps. It is a result of the Future in the Alps know-how transfer project carried out by CIPRA, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps.

Main Topics
1 Political Framework in the Alps
2 Development Trends in the Alps
3 Change Management
4 Regional Value Added
5 Governance Capacity
6 Protected Areas & Sustainable Regional Development
7 Mobility Management
8 New Forms of Decision Making

Background Topics
1 Mountain Agriculture
2 Mountain Forests
3 Alps and Tourism
4 Energy in the Alps
5 Alps and Climate
6 Landscape Development in the Alps
7 Biodiversity Hotspot Alps
8 Towns and Rural Areas in the Alps
9 Developments in Non-Alpine Mountainous Areas
All 1,000 copies of the CD have now been sent out; it is however available as a free download from (en).