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European Governance

Year of publication2001
Publisher(s)European Commission
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
White Paper "European Governance" has been conceived as an answer to the perceived need for reforming governance at EU level. The main aim has been to open up policy-making and render it more inclusive and accountable, thus connecting EU more closely to its citizens while also improving effectiveness of policies. The White Paper consists of several chapters. In the first one the need for reform of the European governance is substantiated. The second chapter explains principles of good governance, which include openness, participation, accountability, effectiveness, coherence, as well as proportionality and subsidiarity. In the third chapter proposals for change are presented. They refer to (1) better involvement through enhanced communication of EU institutions and Member States with the public; relying more strongly on regional and local democracy; involving civil society; more effective and transparent consultation in the policy-making process; connecting with networks; (2) better policies, regulation and delivery, which requires consideration of requisite changes regarding collection and use of expert advice; options for better and faster regulation; simplification of the Community law; adaptation of the framework for application of EU rules, especially at the Member State level; (3) contribution of EU to global governance; and (4) refocusing of EU policies and institutions. Chapter four of the White Paper summarizes the reform proposals and states their expected positive impacts on the future of Europe.
White Paper