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Between conservation and development. Concretizing the first world natural heritage site in the Alps through participation

Year of publication2005
Author(s)Urs Wiesmann
Co-authorsKarina Liechti,Stephan Rist
JournalMountain Research and Development
Magazine No.Vol. 25, n°2
Publication typeJournal article
This project is studied regarding the implementation of public policies : The results of the study indicate that linking development and conservation implies the need to extend the reach of negociations beyond the area of conservation, and to develop both a regional perspective and a focus on sustainable regional development. In the process, regional and local stakeholders are less concerned with defining sustainability goals than elaborating stategies of sustainability, in particular defining the respective roles of the core sectors of society and economy. However, the study results also show that conflicting visions and perceptions of nature and landscape are important underlying currents in such negociations. They differ significantly between various stakeholder categories and are an important cause of conflict occuring at various stages of the participatory process. (Summary : Mountain Research and Development)