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Moutain Farming and the Environment: Towards Integration Perspectives for mountain policies

Mountain farming and the environment: towards integration
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Year of publication1998
Author(s)Thomas Dax
Co-authorsGeorg Wiesinger, Bundesanstalt für Bergbauernfragen
Publisher(s)Bundesanstalt für Bergbauernfragen
Number of pages178
Price€ 5,81
Ref.Bundesanstalt für Bergbauernfragen
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1030 Wien / AT
Phone number: +43 1 504 88 69
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European countries have been addressing the problems of mountain areas through specific sectoral policy programs for several decades. Since the 1970s, the implementation of compensatory allowances schemes has been the most notable measure in this field and has drawn attention to the difficulties and tasks of mountain agriculture. Yet, with growing environmental concern, an heightened awareness of the environmental impact of farm management systems in these regions is called for, and the achievements of agricultural land use with regard to environmental performance under unfavourable conditions should be emphasised. It has been recognised in this time that agricultural policies in general, and particularly those for less-favoured areas (LFAs) and mountain areas, can no longer be conceived by focusing on the production function alone, but have to take into account a multitude of tasks comprising the provision of resources and services to the regional economy.
These research tasks, together with the reflection of the intensifying international debate on mountain issues, have contributed to the understanding of the need for the integration of environmental concerns into mountain policies. The need is felt to be particularly urgent as the irreversibility of changes have to be taken into account in an integrated regional approach in order to prevent undesirable developments in the environment of our mountain areas and degradation of essential resources.