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Written excursions through the wilderness

publikation Schreibzüge durch die Wildnis
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Year of publication2002
Author(s)Matthias Stremlow
Co-authorsChristian Sidler
Publisher(s)Haupt Verlag AG
Place of publicationZürich
Number of pages192
Languagede - abstract in: en
PriceEUR 24.90 / CHF 38.00
The concept of wilderness («Wildnis» in German) is a cultural phenomenon. The authors explore how the expression «Wildnis» is used in modern literary and journalistic texts in German Switzerland. They show how «Wildnis» is today perceived and valued.
The way «Wildnis» is described in these texts reflects modern society’s multifaceted relationship with these spaces. «Wildnis» is coupled with our hopes of establishing a good relationship between people and nature. At the same time, nature can be perceived as frighteningly dynamic and wild. Future wilderness schemes will have to take into account this ambivalence, which is deeply rooted in our society.
«Wildnis» is a theme that is becoming more topical. The call of the wild is evoked in many aspects of modern life, ranging from advertising to survival courses to nature conservation. In the process a wide variety of pictures are generated. The book provides orientation in handling these culturally shaped images.