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Swiss Chairmanship of the Alpine Convention

Mar 16, 2021 / alpMedia
Switzerland has chaired the Alpine Convention since the end of 2020. One of the main topics for the next two years will be climate protection.
Image caption:
As part of the Swiss Chairmanship, the “MoVe the Alps” conference on cycle tourism will take place in April 2021. (c) Kay Liedl, unsplash

At the XVI Alpine Conference, held on 10 December 2020, Switzerland took over the presidency of the Alpine Convention from France. The Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) has taken the lead and will focus on climate, sustainable transport and Alpine cities for the next two years. With projects and events, Switzerland is pursuing a five-point plan in cooperation with the other Alpine states and other partners: this includes cycle tourism, a joint climate lesson in June, sustainable building and renovation in the Alps, Alpine towns and modal shift policy. On the subject of modal shift and transit traffic, Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga announced improved coordination among the Alpine states. At the Alpine Conference, she also emphasised that the involvement of young people will play an important role: “When it comes to the climate, we have realised in recent years at the latest that this won’t work without the voices of young people.”

Switzerland’s chairmanship will end in autumn 2022 with a climate week, during which the work on this will be assessed and further climate actions launched.


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