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Stange but true!

Mar 24, 2015 / alpMedia
…everything out of the ordinary in the Alps has a label.

Cow’s milk produced with the purest hay from animals herded, fed and milked by mountain farmers; golden apples, sun-ripened and super-crisp thanks to the Alpine climate; herbal tea made with edelweiss, hand-picked at dizzying heights. And now it is the turn of residents of the Bavarian province of the Allgäu. They can now apply for their personal label from the local Heimatbund (Homeland Federation), with the “Allgäu ID” then sent to them by post. Holders affirm that they will “always give 100% for the good of the Allgäu region… their qualities include a love of freedom and a positive attitude towards life”. Finally, the label also requires that the homeland be cared for and its social customs be protected : “enjoying festivals and celebrating are characteristics that are to be encouraged”.

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